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Thanks to each one of you who have visited my site and purchased my new book. My sincere gratitude for your visit and your support. I appreciate each of you. I am also very excited for you! I know that Destiny is going to be a blessing in your life. It has been for me. I read it again after having left it alone for several months and I gained new insights that helped me!

"Destiny Awaits; The Pouring out of Wisdom for Humanity to Drink" is available for Kindle and you can purchase it at:

Please write me and tell me how it has helped you. Did you gain a break-through in any area of your life? I would especially love to hear about your “Aha” moments!

If you have been expecting a breakthrough in any area of your life, and haven't received it yet and you just don't know why you're not getting what you've been asking for, send me a message, and I will consult with you to see if mycoaching services will help you in obtaining that long awaited manifestation.

Also, please sign the guest bookso I will know you were here. Let me know if you would like to receive occasional e-mails with upcoming events in which I am involved, as well as the progress of my next book. Visit often and check my calendar of events.   

Thank you again and get ready to be EMPOWERED!

Your Destiny Awaits!

Peace and Abundant Blessings,


Wishing on a Star

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