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Destiny Awaits: The Pouring Out of Wisdom for Humanity to Drink

Motivational Book

"A Date with Destiny!"

Radio Sponsorship

Phoenix Rising Alternative Healing Online Workshop

Phoenix Rising Alternative Healing Workshop teaches that the way to universal love and peace is by practicing forgiveness, focusing on the healing of relationships, and translating our interactions from hurt to healing.

How to grow your spiritual based business online workshop

This workshop will help you to step out of your spiritual closet to use your gifts to motivate and inspire you start and grow your business. This class will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to help propel you forward to a more joy-filled and prosperous existence. Available in person or online sessions.

Guided Meditation

I will guide you to calm the mind and relax the body. Meditation is the act of focusing the mind to relax, improve inner awareness, and make positive mental or physical changes.

Available in person or Skype session.

Past Life Regression Meditation

Past Life Regression Meditation is very soothing and calming. Connecting with and remembering past lives (or indeed other lives) and past events is a very intriguing subject which many discuss and wish to learn more about. Past life recall is a very natural process during which you allow yourself to unlock memories which may trouble or upset your subconscious at a deeper level than that which you are currently aware. Available in person or Skype session.

Coaching Services

If you have been expecting a breakthrough in any area of your life, and haven't received it yet and you just don't know why you're not getting what you've been asking for, send me a message, and I will consult with you to see if my coaching services will help you in obtaining that long awaited manifestation. We do coaching via, telephone, online and on occasions, in person. Prices vary depending on the vehicle you choose to communicate, and the hours you sign up for. The initial conversation is free.Below is the starting rate for a 1 hour session. Please send us an inquiry at: to get a direct quote.

Reiki Session

Prices start at 50.00

Please contact us for more detailed information.


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Destiny Awaits: The Pouring Out of Wisdom for Humanity to Drink

INSPIRING ~ MOTIVATIONAL ~ EMPOWERING ~ SPIRITUAL Whatever your race, religion or gender, there is a purpose for your life. Destiny Awaits is a Universal blend of spirituality mixed with down to earth easy to understand basic principles. It will Uplift & Empower you into receiving & attracting all that this great Universe has been waiting to release for you to live a stress free & joyous life!

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