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Kundalini Reiki™ is a powerful form of spiritual healing that anyone can learn. The combination of Kundalini energy and Reiki work in synergy to promote connection to a very strong energy frequency that leads to Wisdom, Understanding, Love and Peace. It’s primary purpose is to provide healing and spiritual evolution to humankind and to assist in the journey towards enlightenment.

The goal of Kundalini Reiki™ is to raise the energy from the bottom of the spinal column to the crown chakra. By opening and stimulating the major chakra energy centers, we can channel Reiki healing energy work for ourselves and others simply by focusing our intention and connecting to the Source energy.

During the course of Kundalini Reiki™, you will learn different ways and means of giving treatment to another person -- including self-healing, and long-distance healing. Three levels of attunement are involved in your Kundalini Awakening. Each level takes you into a deeper understanding of this strong Reiki discipline: Kundalini Reiki™ Level I, Kundalini Reiki™ Level II and Kundalini Reiki™ Master Level.

Lisa is a Kundalini and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner and has a healing ministry that is designed to help you to heal in every area of your life. She has teamed up with other Masters and will "attune" you to also become a Kundalini Master. We are here to serve you. Click here to learn what to expect from a Reiki Healing session.

History of Reiki

Reiki dates to the 1800's in Japan, where a man named Mikao Usui first discovered it through profound meditations. He went on a fasting retreat to Mount Kurama, a sacred mountain. He felt healing vibrations within and around his body and understood that he could help others to heal. He practiced on his family and friends with successful results, and from there decided to share it publicly. Usui referred to his practice as the "secret of happiness," where it's understood that spiritual well-being is the secret to health.

Healers are Spiritual Warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and arising from the depths of their fears, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness. 


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