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Angel Kangalee

Angel Kangalee is a certified Reiki Master in Usui, and Kundalini Reiki, and an Intuitive Empath Healer, and she is based out of Baltimore MD.

The second phase of Angel’s spiritual path began in 2005, when her sister introduced her to Usui Reiki. Angel is a Christian, so she was aware of her spiritual gifts, which were healing, prophetic ministry, and prayer. However, when her sister was informing her about Reiki, Angel heard God speaking to her, saying, “This is what I have called you to do. I want you to heal people and to be able to reach people that have different beliefs, and come from all different walks of life”. Angel’s sister is an Usui Reiki Master, and she attuned Angel to all 3 levels in 2005.

In 2007, Angel was introduced, and attuned to all 3 levels of Kundalini Reiki. Once attuned to Kundalini Reiki, Angel’s spiritual growth rapidly facilitated. It opened her spiritual world in areas of enlightenment, intuitiveness, healing ability, and operating and existing on a higher vibrational frequency. She became more aware of the world around us that we are unable to see with the naked eye. She was also spiritually guided to teach Kundalini Reiki, which she now continues to do to this day. You can visit her website here :

Angel is an Adjunct Instructor at Community College of Baltimore County, and at Johns Hopkins University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Angel has her own Healing Practice called Holistic Holy Hands, and is the CEO and Founder of a non-profit organization called, Angels in Disguises Foundation Inc. Angel is also the Co-Founder along with Lisa Saunders, of Phoenix Alternative Healing Center which offers a variety of healing services for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Debra Robinson-Baker

Debra is called to ‘Ambassador’ and fearlessly exemplifies grace, peace, justice, truth, and love to the world. She is a priest, prophet, educator, and a healing vessel of integrity. Debra holds a Masters degree in Theology, several titles, and education in non-profit management from Columbia University. She has accomplished many things in life including co-designing a world-class program that transitions troubled youth out of the criminal justice system. Debra’s work and presence is becoming well known as she is greatly respected by colleagues, celebrities, and professionals across the country.

 When she speaks, It is said that Debra’s style is priestly and her presentation, relevant and striking. Born with cerebral palsy, Debra shares her life of growing up receiving a divine “call” by age 9. She shares how she endured abuse and survived attempt of suicide. Additionally, she tells an intriguing story of how she has forgiven her abusers; by age 24 she was completely healed in her life. She further talks about “The Wild Mind”, as she takes audiences into the world of mental health and reveals its unspoken treasures. Overall, her story is said to be nothing short of miraculous. Portions of her life story has been noted and included in books and recounted by authors across the country. She is sought after as a compelling and insightfully gifted speaker.

Debra has touched many across the world. Her travels include United Kingdom and Africa. Her desire is to see people healthy, whole, and happy.


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