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Walking in my Purpose!

W I M P™ is a program designed to teach people of all ages, especially children, to walk in their purpose. It’s designed to help them to discover the meaning of a purposeful life.

  • Children: It’s also used as an “Anti-bullying” tool. We've taken the negative meaning of “wimp” and turned it around to mean something positive. Kids are excited to be “WIMPS” because now it takes on a whole new meaning. Once they learn that they have a divine purpose for being here, and that they have the capability to do and be anything they want, it gives them a new sense of “purpose.”

  • Adults: Adults will also learn the meaning of “purpose.” They will discover through the W I M P™ program what it means to “walk in purpose.” The discovery will empower them to move beyond their comfort zones to a much more fulfilled and joyous destiny.

W I M P™ is an international campaign. This program is being taught around the world by doing online seminars. We also travel to do seminars in person. We offer and help implement the school system/s with the

W I M P™ program. We teach the program at summer camps, after school programs etc. We also offer one on one coaching to help you to discover your purpose. 

"The purpose of life is the joy of self discovery: to live every day as if it were your last, laugh until tears roll down your face, love with your whole heart, and be present in every moment." ~ Lisa M. Saunders

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