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Destiny Awaits is a superb and helpful book for those on their spiritual path. i have nothing but praise for this book -- the mixture of quotes, stories from the Bible, real life stories, true stories as movies, Lisa Saunders' own stories as examples……it is the perfect blending to keep the reader interested and to get the message across. The exercises are wonderful. I know this book is a blessing to the world, and so is Lisa Saunders!

Deborah Perdue, licensed practitioner Center for Spiritual Living

I read Lisa’s book from start to finish in one go and it’s a beautiful book – very enlightened and confirms so many things that I’ve learned in life so far. I think she can help millions with her straightforward, heartfelt, wisdom-filled approach!

Tara Thelen

I am so grateful that you shared this book with me. It was very enlightening and yet I always realized the importance of dreams. I dream everyday and I speak the dreams to help solidify them and make them real. Your examples and your writing are so inspirational. I know the book is going to be that for so many people!!! The Power of Positive Thought is so vital to our well-being and I believe you and I possess that. Let's keep our dream alive!

Cynthia E. Davis

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Master Minds LLC was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Paul Murphy

Our last event was very successful! We wanted our event to be highly energized, and we were not disappointed! The Master Mind team really understood what we wanted and even things that we didn't think of, they worked with us to make our event the talk of the season! Thank you! Can't wait to do it again!

Marie Anderson

It has been just six months or so since meeting Lisa and I have applied her advice to my life. With just a few phone calls, i have secured 1.5 million dollars in cash for investing in property and I have begun teaching real estate through public speaking. I've even been invited to speak, in proxy for my Pastor at my church.

You never know who or when God may send someone into your life. I am grateful to God for leading me to Lisa Saunders and in large part, because of her smack down! I am now pursing my dreams. I look forward to many years of her friendship.

Forever Grateful,

Don Lawrence

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